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1. Choose the State of Incorporation:

Our fee includes:

  • Preparing and filing all necessary documentation to form your corporation
  • Name search and availability
  • Payment of state filing fees

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Standard Corporation
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2. Name of Corporation:  

Your desired name must contain one of the following words or their abbreviations to be a valid name:
more information about naming my corporation

  • Inc.
  • Incorporated
  • Company or (Co.)
  • Limited or (LTD.)

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3. Contact Information:

Please provide us with your contact information so that we may contact you for your order confirmation.  This address will also serve as your corporate address and shipping address.  If you desire a different corporate or shipping address simply indicate so in the special instruction section at the bottom of this form.

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4. Type of Business:


5. Directors of the Corporation: (more information on directors)

Below, please list the names and addresses of the director(s).  You may list up to three directors. If you have fewer than three directors, simply leave additional fields blank.  If you have more than three directors, simply add the additional directors in the comment section below.  In most states, only one director is needed. 

Please provide the 1st Director information:

First Name  
Last Name  
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Please provide the 2nd Director information:

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6. Officers of the Corporation: 

Officers of a corporation usually include  a president, secretary, and a vice-president.  In most states one officer can hold all positions.  Please fill in the officer information below.

More information about corporate officers


Vice President



7. Number of Authorized Shares & Par Value:   More information on this subject

By default, the number of shares your corporation will be filed with will be 2000  at a par value of $.01 unless

  • New York: 200 shares at NO par
  • Delaware: 1500 shares at NO par
  • Kentucky: 1000 shares at $.01 par
  • Ohio: 850 shares at $.01 par
  • If you would like to change the total shares or par value, please indicate in the space provided at the bottom of this order form.

Number of Shares Authorized

At the Par Value of

8. Registered Agent:

All states require that your corporation maintain a registered agent.  A registered agent is simply a person that is designated to receive documentation (mail or service of process for example) on behalf of the corporation.  Quite frequently you can act as your own registered agent if you reside within the state of the incorporation. To reduce incorporation costs many of customers prefer to act as registered agent for the corporation being formed.  However, we can gladly assist you with registered agent services if you so desire, such as in the case where there is no physical address in the state of incorporation.

Learn more about registered agent services

IncorporateTime will provide registered agent services.
       The fee for this service is only $99.00 for the first year.

IncorporateTime will not provide registered agent services.
        Fill in the registered agent information below.

Complete only if you do not want, Inc. as your registered agent.

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9. Incorporation Services

Standard State Filing Service 
 Typically state filing time is 15-20 business days.  All filings processed in this manner unless expedited service is selected.

Expedited State Filing Service ($89) 
 Expedited state filing typically completed in 5-12 business days.
(filing time may vary depending on the state)
    Note: NV, NC, OH, GA, IL, NM: $139 Expedite State fee

No Corporation Kit needed   (More information on this subject)

Corporate Kit with Corporate Seal (includes customized hand-held steel embosser & free shipping)  ($99)

I will obtain the Federal Tax Identification Number

Provide, prepare, & obtain Federal Tax Identification Document ($70)
     Note: Corporate Officer must sign document. 

Provide & prepare S Corporation Status Document ($50)
     Note: Corporate Officer must sign document.

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